Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our First Blog Post

It's hard to jump into the first blog post! As if somehow it mattered greatly that the first words one spilled into cyberspace were most of all famously eloquent, inspiring, witty, touching, and generally brilliant. Well, this post will be none of those things! 

Instead, I will bring to your attention the five movies we decided made the Cameroon cut! 

1. Sound of Music (does this need justification? I think not!)
2. Jaws (hey, it's a classic, right?)
3. Joe vs. the Volcano (romance, comedy, Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan, what's not to love?)
4. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (um. . . it's philosophical)
5. Signing Time (this is only because I found it under the seat in our car after having left New Mexico)
I think there is another but I can't remember it. . .

Hmm, what were we thinking you might ask? I really haven't a clue, seriously, these are the movies we're taking with us for the next three years?

I'm going to call into question our judgment based on the fact that when we chose these films we hadn't slept in a several weeks and we were packing our house into a very small basement while trying to work full time and parent five rather rambunctious children.

I hope that this provides a (very) little insight into our moving to Africa process. 


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