Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Yes, we're still alive. As proof, three of us are one year older!

We celebrated with a weekend full of cake. Cake for Logan, cake for Max and Isabelle... nobody complained. It was a nice treat, and we were happy to celebrate together.

Now, things are down to the wire with the school year at SAC. We are busy grading papers (or procrastinating...) and setting exam questions, and helping the secretary type the exams. 10-14 subjects per grade, multiplied by 7 grade levels... that's a lot of typing!
Things can still be pretty frustrating in the classroom... recently there have been a rash of fee drives. When the students haven't paid their school fees, they are literally driven from class. So, instead of being in class, they are out roaming the campus, disturbing the other classes. Other students decide they shouldn't be in class either, and so they dash out. The result is fewer children in class, during a crucial period where we are reviewing for the exam. I will say that I am much better now at "going with the flow," as compared to the beginning of the school year.
I am looking forward to next year, when I can go about things with a better idea of what topics to cover, and when to cover them, a better idea of what to expect from my students, etc.
At least, so long as they give me the same subjects again...
Things have been otherwise pretty quiet on the home front. We've had a few minor emergencies, such as the kitchen sink overflowing and flooding the kitchen. Twice. At those times, I was glad for our cement floors. All we had to do was sweep the water out the door and into the gutter. Somehow, our cat got into the space between the ceiling and our roof. A stomach virus here, a cold there... but we remain healthy for the most part, so that's good. We've also been able to attend some interesting cultural events, an ordination and a final profession of vows.

But the words on our lips right now are "Long Holiday," which is what you call Summer vacation when you have two seasons, rainy and dry, instead of four.

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  1. Wow do those girls know how to give an angelic look.