Friday, August 8, 2014

Faces in the Neighborhood

Chrisco is one of the techs for Radio Evangelium, the Catholic Radio station in Kumbo. The station is on the grounds of the John Paul II Youth Village. Chrisco records events, conducts interviews, runs the broadcasting booth, and makes sure everything at the radio runs smoothly. He also records praise and worship music, and strategizes with other artists to get their work out into the public eye. Working with the radio station has given him some great opportunities to gain various skills related to editing, broadcasting, journalism.  

Much of the broadcast content is intended mainly for young people, so Chrisco is a young person helping to evangelize other young people. It is wonderful to see the New Evangelization at work, even in the developing world. It is also wonderful that the diocese of Kumbo makes young people a priority, not just by evangelizing them, but by employing them, training them, helping them to gain skills that are marketable and useful. The John Paul II Youth Village is having a positive impact on the community, and Chrisco is a big part of that. He also has the distinction of being my first Cameroonian "Facebook friend," so there's that. (The woman with us in the picture helps at the radio, as well.)
Madame Yubih is a buyam-sellam down at the Junction. We will often buy our tomatoes, onions, and the occasional cabbage from her. If we are not buying that day, we will greet her as we pass. There is not a very large profit margin for small sellers like Madame Yubih, but as long as you can buy wisely and sell it all, there is a little money to be made. Madame Yubih is always friendly and welcoming to our children, and we like to support her. She is one of many people at Junction that we have come to know. 
There are many other people we meet and interact with on a regular basis, including sellers, taxi drivers, priests and religious sisters, neighbors, missionaries, NGO workers, tailors, doctors... the list goes on. We are very grateful that Kumbo has a small-town feel, and are glad to be a part of the community here.


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