Friday, March 6, 2015

When Jesus Wants to Hold Your Baby

We recently visited St. Anthony's Secondary School, a new school nestled in the hills a few miles above the Shisong hospital.  It was interesting to see another school, to see it under construction, talk to the principal about the difficulties faced with a combination day/boarding student body, and to ask the students why they attend school at St. Anthony's and not any other boarding school in the country, such as SAC, or anything closer to their hometowns.

The younger kids couldn't articulate why they went there, some of them because they were Francophone and still learning English.  Basically, they attend St. Anthony's because their parents sent them there. The older students were much more articulate and noted the different curriculum and the fact that there was a business and marketing track, among other things.

Meanwhile, every single girl at the school crowded around Gabriel and wanted to hold him. I am always a little uncomfortable and guarded in these situations with strangers, but Logan is much more open and friendly. After all, she told me, what do you do when Jesus wants to hold your baby?


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