Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Orioles Fan

Kumbo is the second largest city in the Northwest Province, but Bamenda is the largest. Bamenda hadn't made much of an impression on me our first time through, besides the breathtaking cliffs and waterfalls. We didn't spend enough time to really get a feel for the place, so I was glad to get a second chance to see it. Everyone in country from Lay Mission-Helpers and Mission Doctors Associations finally arrived, either from holiday back home or, like us, to start their assignment.  And since then we hadn't travelled more than a handful of kilometers from our home here in Kumbo. Now that I think about it, we hadn't travelled as a whole family but two or three kilometers in any one direction.

It was very good to see friends, old and new. I am amazed that the last time I saw many of the other missionaries we were all in Los Angeles, now we are all in Cameroon. It's a small Catholic world!

It's apparently also a small baseball world, as I (finally!) ran into another Oriole's Cap in Bamenda. Sadly, every other cap I've seen has been for the Yankees or Boston. I've also seen one Twins jersey. But, O's fans (or at least O's Paraphernalia) DO exist in Cameroon!


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