Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Picture Blog

SAC Chapel:  Mass every morning at 6 AM. a great way to start the day! The morning light comes in from behind, and it is beautiful.

Elevation Change:  See that hill behind Logan? the Cathedral is visible way down low... it's 1000 feet up or down between the cathedral and the pastoral center, the highest point on the walk from our house (still a ways to go from where the picture was taken). For you Los Alamosians out there, that's like hiking down to the Rio Grande from the Overlook, in terms of elevation change.
Sr. Hilda is awesome and works in the BEPHA office (Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province Health Assistance). It's like insurance, but not. We might write more on this later. But Sr. Hilda is also our next door neighbor, and we often hear her deep, full laugh coming over the courtyard wall. She is a gem and has been a huge help, along with Sr. Mercy, who also lives next door. They are Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary. If you want something done, especially if you want something done right, find a sister!


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