Monday, December 9, 2013

Picture Blog 2

On the Solemnity of Christ the King, at the end of Mass all the neighboring parishes process with the Blessed to the Cathedral for benediction. From high up you could see the various processions all converging together. From the road, you could hear the singing and the praying and feel the joy. The men holding the canopy are wearing a traditional pattern of cloth.
We have an Advent wreath, and light it every night at dinner. After dinner Logan sometimes reads to the children from a history book written to tell children history as a story. Here we are, reading by candlelight. Can you find Max in the picture?
Sally is thankful for a good meal shared with friends. We had a thanksgiving meal with other American expats here, including a turkey! it was flown in especially for the occasion. The only thing missing from the feast was the green bean casserole. We made our traditional ravioli (long story short, we hosted vegetarians for Thanksgiving several years in a row, including my brother Ben, and now we continue the tradition in his memory).

I now have my own radio show! I have been asked to host a weekly piece Sunday evenings entitled "What the Pope Says." I'll give you one guess as to the subject matter... The first week went well enough, though we have plans to improve. In the picture, the man in the studio is Chrisco, who mans all the dials and levels and thingees on the other side of the glass. After the broadcast he offered to share his snack... fried grasshoppers. yum! The crunchy ones are good, the squishy ones are a little gross. Tune in to Radio Evangelium Kumbo at 7:30 PM Cameroon time to hear about What the Pope says!



  1. *Blessed Sacrament.

    also, the second week of the radio show got power-outaged-out. No current, no show. We have a generator on Campus, and at times, especially night times, it is running when the town has no power. so, the best way to check? listen to the radio.

  2. Your radio show reminds me of Ben and is radio gig @ Rice. He seems to continue to inspire us. You and the "fahmly" inspire us here @ home. You are doing such good work. Miss you all. The