Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Unexpected Late Night Visitors

Today, I proctored an exam for  Form V, finished marking the completed Form I Maths exams, returned some library books, bought works from a local artist, had dinner and drinks with a friend in  our house, and after all that was said and done, met the Governor of the Northwest Region.

You know, just your average, everyday occurrence: the Governor (well, his lackey) knocks on your door after dark, your kids are in bed, and you can't find matching shoes to go out and talk with him, so you wear your wife's house shoes and shuffle over to a well dressed man you can't see in the dark, shake hands, determine he's nowhere near where he wants to be, you wait while he has a conversation over the phone in French with the Bishop, from whom he gets directions, then he drives off. I never even learned his name.

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