Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sometimes You Need Coffee

Some days are fun, and easy: the students behave in class and ask good questions, homeschooling goes well, we have good interactions with a variety of people, we get some time to relax together.

Some days are difficult: friction develops in certain relationships, the students misbehave, the students fail an exam you tried to make easy, the goat gets stolen.

And some days, you just need coffee.
Today is a coffee day.

I stayed at the lunch table after our children went to take naps, for the purpose of marking midterm tests.  I fell asleep with my pen on the page, and woke up to find a red line across some poor student's test. That's when I decided to make coffee. (The results are (so far) not so bad for Form I. One student even scored 100%! I have a pretend wager with her to see if she has the top mark on the exam.)

It's pretty busy around here because Logan and I are both giving exams and marking them... and there's always housework to do, and extra work supervising at school, and walking to town for groceries and cooking gas and errands... Anyway, I'm just plain tuckered right now. Which is a good thing! It feels good to be in the swing of things.  Now, if only I could learn to go to bed earlier...


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