Thursday, February 13, 2014

Youth Day

All week long, classes had been 'disturbed' for Youth Day preparations and Youth Week activities: marching practice, singing practice, special events like bilingualism day... Youth Day is a national holiday, celebrated by marching and singing competitions at the main field. At first, I was not excited to go all the way to Tobin field to stand in the hot Sun and watch thousands of students march by. 
The actual event proved to be fun, standing in the hot sun and watching thousands of students march by. The nursery school children were super cute, even if they needed more practice marching.

The primary school and secondary school children tended to be more in step, and sharper-looking. The whole idea of the "March Pass" is to look good as you march by the grandstand. The schools are scored, and winners announced. 
Finally, after several hours, including a break for a picnic, it was SAC's turn. It was fun to watch the kids we know march by, then congratulate them and talk with them a little bit before heading back home to a much-needed nap. 

The whole event reminded me a little bit of Los Alamos parades... everyone in town was either in the parade, or watching it. Now it is back to work, after missing several days’ worth of classes. Time is running out to teach!


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